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How to Feed 9 Billion People by 2050:

Really, the question isn’t how will we feed 9 billion by 2050? The question is how many people will we reallyhave and what will they be eating? 

Poverty of course plays a big role in both these issues because, as Juergen Voegele, director, agriculture and rural development, the World Bank, pointed out to Revkin: “We already have close to one billion people who go hungry today, not because there is not enough food in the world but because they cannot afford to buy it.” 

Raising incomes, or course, is a difficult nut — one that doesn’t succumb to a solution hatched in a lab. But more income means better-educated families, and even declining population growth. The flip side, though, is that rising incomes are also associated with higher meat consumption, which can get us closer to option five on Smil’s lifestyle if we are not careful. So the best case: to raise incomes and to incentivize less resource-intensive food consumption. 

But we don’t need to become vegans to save the world (which would doom us even if we did because so few would go along). In many developing countries, such an approach would amount to culinary imperialism, given the importance of meat for both income generation, the result of having a cow or goat or two, and as a source of much-needed calories for children from milk and scant meat. Never mind the use of manure to grow crops. We’re not talking about factory farms here, but animals that play a central role in cultures and livelihoods.

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    How to Feed 9 Billion People by 2050: Really, the question isn’t how will we feed 9 billion by 2050? The question is how...
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    Economist 26th February - 4th March 2011 -es számában van egy 13 oldalas cikk a témáról, érdemes elolvasni!
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    Read the story at The Atlantic.
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    I have mixed feelings about GMOs. But this article writes them off while ignoring a key fact - that 70% of
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